Calling All Northern Souls Who are Fans of Northern Soul!

One of the main reasons we decided to start Vermodernist is to try to bring together people in Vermont with similar passions for mod, modernism, retro and all things cool.  While we know our blog-following numbers are still growing, we'd like to put a few feelers out to see what types of activities or events the Vermodernist followers we do have might be interested in.

Here are a few ideas we had:

Mod Night at a bar:  We were introduced to the Montreal mod scene via our friend up north Patrick and his Parka Avenue blog, and the Modclub at Blizzarts. Every Saturday night at Blizzarts you can find a collection of DJs spinning Motown, Britpop, Northern Soul, and Ska. Unfortunately it's two hours away. Here in Vermont (especially the Burlington area) we have no shortage of bars - would anyone be interested in coming to and/or DJing/promoting a night where the music was a pleasant blast from the past and the attire was mod-tastic?

Mad Men Nights: No, we're not suggesting nights where you drink and smoke excessively while cheating on your spouse.  We're thinking more of some sort of get-together with fellow fans either when the show Mad Men premieres or perhaps a weekly endeavor during the season where you can put on your best 60s outfit and watch this fantastic show with some fellow aficionados. If the television in a bar/lounge wasn't playing sports but was instead showing the Dapper Don Draper and Ms. Joan Holloway would you come?

Spruce Up Swing Dancing: Eric and I are far from being great swing dancers, having only taken a few lessons while living in New York, but we try to make up for our lack of talent in the style department. There are swing nights at the Champlain Club in Burlington filled with some fantastic dancers. However, on the few nights we've attended we've found the bulk of the dancers arrived as if they were going to an aerobics class (complete with sneakers and athletic wear) rather than taking it as an opportunity to dress up for a night on the town.  Would anyone out there be interested in a "Spruce Up Swing Dancing" night?  We were thinking it could be a night to show off your best duds, whatever dance skills you have, and then perhaps grab a cocktail afterward?

Mod or Retro Movie Night:  Vermont has no shortage of cool old movie theaters, including a drive in. Wouldn't it be cool if they showed some great old movies? Quadrophenia on the big screen anyone?

Again, these are just our quick brainstorms and an attempt to see who's lurking out there and may want to connect.  We welcome your feedback, ideas, and welcome you again to Vermodernist!


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  2. I really have to applaud you efforts my friends. This is how a scene gets some momentum and traction. These are all great ideas.

    I would love to make the trip across the border to come and spin some wax at any venue you pick out. If you are looking for a guess DJ, count me in.

    Have you reached out to the Vermont scooter community? I don't know if there's a scooter scene in VT but it would be worth investigating.

    Keep the Faith!

  3. Patrick, thanks very much! We'd love it if you'd come to spin if we can get something going ... stay tuned!

    Have not reached out to the scooter community yet. There's a VT Scooter Club, but from what I've seen they don't seem very much into the mod thing, but it can't hurt to get in touch. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Hope all is well in Montreal, and looking forward to the tailor appointment in April! Thanks again.

  4. Hey there, any progress on this ? I'm from England and have been to the Montreal club but I'd love to see something here. I used to go to Wigan back in the day when I was 17.. I'm 54 now, but I still have my old records etc.. I was invited to spin a few up in Montreal so it would be great to get things going here. I just litstened to this programme on radio2 and it prompted me to search again. Check it out:


  5. @wocdamjack - thanks for checking out our blog and for your comment. Honestly, not a whole lot has come from this post mainly due to an apparent lack of interest here in VT. Montreal's got a pretty vibrant scene, which we enjoy each time we head north for a weekend, but other than the odd Toasters show we've not found much going on here in VT. Are you in Vermont? If you'd like to meet up for a beer sometime, we'd love to get together and hear about the old Wigan days ... shoot us an email - ephauser [at] gmail [dot] com.


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