Welcome to Vermodernist

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the inaugural post of Vermodernist!

Who We Are: Two recent transplants to Vermont with a passion for all things mod, vintage and retro. We don’t claim to be experts on mod music, fashion, or architecture, but we hope to start a dialogue and community among Vermonters sharing similar interests.

Who You Are: Someone who loves midcentury modern architecture, with a wardrobe that could easily slip you into the cast of Mad Men, I Love Lucy, or Quadrophenia, who has a great appreciation of music from the past.

What We’ll Talk About: Midcentury architecture, furniture, fashion, music, movies, and themed events with a focus (when applicable) on Vermont-based notable events, shopping opportunities, and points of interest.
We look forward to the future of Vermodernist and welcome your feedback and tips as we go!


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! What a great idea! Love the logo, love the name, love the angle and looking forward to some great posts. Welcome to the blogosphere my friend.

  2. I agree! You start a solid Quebecers following... (with my french accent and my english language weakness!)
    Et pour cette découverte, merci à Parka Pat!


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