How to Be Simultaneously Summer Sporty and Retro-Fabulous

This time of year in in the great state of Vermont you'll be hard pressed to find a car driving by that doesn't have a bike (or three) on the roof next to their kayak, canoe, or camping gear.  However, just because one's car looks like it's equipped to live in the woods with Sasquatch, doesn't mean that you have to look that way too. While we understand that many outdoor summer activities require the wearing of "performance" gear, it isn't an excuse to dress badly or give up your retro flare.  Here are some retro fabulous finds to help spruce up your next summer adventures:

If you're just looking for a beach cruiser to roll around town on, Paul Frank offers some fun ones. Unfortunately the Paul Frank MOD cruiser bike is no longer available, but we did locate one or two on craigslist so they definitely can be found.
Mod and retro-inspired bike helmets are easier to find. We personally love Nutcase helmets that come in a variety of fantastic styles.
If you love to be mod and retro, but appreciate more modern conveniences in your cycling gear (like multi-gear bikes!) then don't be afraid to show your retro-love in the form of a fantastic bike jersey.

For women, LL Bean (which is often a purveyor of fashion offense) sells a great Limoncello jersey by Sugoi and  Retro Image Apparel has a Rosie the Riveter Jersey that may inspire you to get up that hill.

For men, the Fred Perry cycling shirt is the gold-standard of the Mod world, but if price and availability make it prohibitive, Retro Image Apparel offers some great options like this 1952 Vuelta Cataluna Jersey.

Water sports:
If your summer fun involves a combination of water sports, beach time, or other fun in the sun pool-side lounging there's no need to go down the ordinary route for swimwear. Modcloth offers plenty of options for ladies of every size.  Here's a sample of a few they have to offer:

For men we're fans of Ben Sherman swimwear which is actually available on some discount sites for reasonable prices.
No matter what your sport or activity is, if you're out this summer a great pair of vintage sunglasses can definitely enhance your look.  As you may know (shameless plug alert), we operate jeneric Vintage Eyewear.  Pick up a pair of vintage frames, add sunlenses and even your most Sasquatch of summer activities will suddenly become much more fashionable.  

Vintage 1960s Raybert Cateye Glasses: Sophisticated SparkleVintage Unisex 1970s Glasses:  Tortoise Shell Statement EyewearVintage 1960s Mens Hornrimmed Glasses: Must Have for SummerVintage Women's 1950s/60s Cateye Glasses: A Classic With a Twist
We don't claim to be style experts, but with a little effort even the hottest summers can be retro cool!


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