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While there are numerous blogs reporting on mod culture, style, and retro design, (check out the links we love list for a few of our faves), we thought we'd take this opportunity to tout some of the paper and ink publications that currently reside on our coffee table and bookshelves.  While obviously not an exahustive list, if you're looking to spend the remaining weeks of summer poolside you can't go wrong with these!

Atomic Ranch: Many a drool-worthy mid-century modern home and interior has graced the pages of this quarterly gem.  The current summer issue features butterfly rooves, vintage trailers made-over, and sends out some Palm Spring love. The articles provide property history and thorough explanation of interiors while the pictures have you fearing that your beloved living room will never be up to snuff. If this magazine was at your dentist's office, you'd be actually asking to have a root canal.

New cork floors and furnishings from Modernica, Room & Board and Baker fill the living room of a 1953 Cincinnati ranch. Located in Amberley Village, the brick home has fresh finishes courtesy of its fourth owners, but theyĆ¢€™ve chosen to retain the vintage baths and kitchen. MechoShades on the original metal windows and George on the Split Rail daybed suit the room to a T. Story page 36.

Modernism: This mid-century design magazine has a focus that goes beyond the home and includes jewelry, decorative items, and profiles of public spaces and architecture.  Also a quarterly publication, the summer issue profiles Saarinen's Miller House, 1960s British fabrics, and a few modern mod architects.

The Modernist: For the Anglophiles among our readers (and really...who isn't) Eric discovered this little gem and was able to have a subscription sent to us in the States. The Modernist focuses on 20th century architecture and design of the Northwest England.  A small 2-color publication it features well crafted stories, book reviews, and a little bit of history that can be digested like a scrumptious biscuit along with afternoon tea.

MOD a Very British Phenomenon by Terry Rawlings: Sticking with our British theme, this large coffee table book provides the history of mod culture in both words and pictures. A bit of music, a bit of scooters, a dose of fashion, and a lot of backstory illustrated with vintage photos.  You'll find yourself thumbing through this one again and again.

For those readers interested in British tailoring - especially of the bespoke variety - Bespoke: Savile Row Ripped and Smoothed is an interesting look inside the world of bespoke tailoring told by Richard Anderson. Anderson went to work on the Row as a teenager in the early 1980s and never left. He learned every aspect of the business, but focused on becoming a cutter - cutting patterns and fabrics for coats and trousers of suits that can cost upwards of $15,000. After 19 years at Huntsmans - one of the old school Savile Row tailors - Anderson struck out on his own and opened his own shop - Richard Anderson Ltd. Anderson's writing is sharp and enjoyable and he holds your interest the entire time. 

Guide to Easier Living by Mary and Russel Wright: Originally published in 1950 and re-released in 2003 this little gem provides guidance on everything you could potentially want and need to do in and around your home to make it run most efficiently. It talks about furnishing, lighting, decorating, cooking, cleaning and even provides sample suggested schedules for both full and part-time housewives. While some points are simply a lesson in how far we've come others stand the test of time with a little laugh. 

Robert Doisneau: Palm Springs 1960: This hardcover photo book offers up beautiful photos of a mid-century modern mecca, Palm Springs.  The color photos instantly transport you to the lush and luxurious life of 1960 Palms Springs where cocktails, golf, and a day in the sun were all you had to worry about.

Mid-Century Readers
If you're planning to do lots of reading "the old fashioned way" without the aid of your iPhone, Laptop, iPad, or Kindle's "zoom" features, make sure you have your reading glasses on.  These are a few of our currently in-stock favorites!

Happy reading!

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