NYC SKA Legends The Toasters Coming to Vermont!

Attention ska fans! The venerable NYC SKA band The Toasters will be making a stop here in our fair state on Sunday October 16th as part of their 30th anniversary tour! They will be playing at Club Metronome in Burlington with the local ska band Husbands AKA for the bargain price of $10.

A quick look at the Toasters' tour schedule for 2011 illustrates that 30 years on, these guys are not letting up. It's been a busy year for the Toasters. On the road and playing shows every month this year, April saw them play every single day of the month without a day off, and they've been all around the world playing shows in Europe, Mexico, and in South America.

One of my favorites - "Weekend in L.A.":

Put on your suits and skinny ties - see you at the show.

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