Tiki-lite: A Hidden Gem in Winooski

Nothing says "retro" like a fantastic Polynesian restaurant or a Tiki bar.  We at Vermodernist have sampled many a Blue Hawaii at Tiki bars from Otto's Shrunken Head in New York, to Hula's in Monteray California, from Kon Tiki in Tucson, to the Tonga Room in San Francisco. Few of these establishments are renowned for their cuisine, but all are noted for their fantastic kitsch and creative cocktails.

As winter approaches in Vermont, folks are more apt to grab a microbrew than an umbrella drink. However, don't overlook a place right here in "Burlington's Brooklyn" for a night that can serve up both kitschy favorites and kitchen delights.

The Peking Duck House in Winooski is housed in the "Old Mill" building that housed immigrant Woolen Mill workers in the mid-1800s. The interior features oak and mahogany paneling with a fantastic Asian touches.

The restaurant serves up classic Chinese-American food along with some recent Thai and Korean dishes added to the menu.  We have long been fans of Bibimbap and are ridiculously thrilled that we can now find it in our own neighborhood and that it tastes just as wonderful as when we've had it other places around the globe.

The drinks are where the kitsch factor truly comes in as you can get a Singapore Sling, Blue Hawaii, a Zombie or even a Scorpion Bowl (beware).

So go on and put a flower in your hair, Hawaiian shirt under your parka, and umbrella in your drink.  A frosty concoction may be just the thing to warm you up in the dead of winter.

Service is great, space is plentiful, and disappointment has never been an issue.

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