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Hi Folks,

Thanks for following The Vermodernist! As you probably know, Eric and Jen are moving from Winooski to Chicago at the end of the year. They have graciously handed over The Vermodernist reins to me, to continue what they started.

And who am I? I moved to Burlington ten years ago to study historic preservation at the University of Vermont. I am now the State Architectural Historian at the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, with a soft spot for mid-century modern architecture and design. I live in Burlington's south end, in a 1956 ranch house with my wife and two kids.

Some of you may know my website - www.vermontmodern.com - which contains a wealth of information about modernist architects and architecture throughout the state. It is constantly being updated, so check in often to see what's new.

There is a lot going on in Vermont these days that has roots in the modernist movement, and I'm excited to have The Vermodernist to share current news items, details about special events, and interesting finds with all of you.

But enough about me...look for new posts on The Vermodernist soon!


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  1. Hi, our family's in the Burlington area, in our 1962 midcentury modest ranch. We've lived here over a year now, and are moving through projects to make it our own. In California we lived in an Eichler and really came to appreciate the midcentury modern style. I don't think an Eichler would work in our Vermont weather--I could describe my last house as a picnic shelter with a glass surround. But a lot of what we loved I'd love to do here.

    Coming up for us are exterior projects. The windows may need replaced, and that may be an opportunity to reconsider the lovely high (and therefore very private) horizontal bedroom windows. They would be very difficult to use as an escape route in a fire. I'm stumped on how a lower window can retain that lovely horizontal line the house suggests. I'm also researching landscaping this winter. I went to the nursery to learn more about the native plants (all different from California's, of course), and wondering if the front porch should be refreshed or replaced by something less plain but still period.

    At any rate, love the site, excited by your architectural p.o.v. and looking forward to your future articles.


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